Monday, April 28, 2008

Type 6 Alluminium Surveyors Lamp

hi john,
its a Type 6 surveyors lamp.
they were mainly used by surveyors in the early 50's. the base was alluminium to save weight.the slide is the shut off ring for gas reading, o s - open and shut.
they stopped being used i think late 1950's. there was an ignition at a mine thought to be caused by a reaction between iron and the alloy foil of a kitkat wrapper, as a result alloy lamps were no longer allowed.
regards david

John Douglas wrote:
Hi David,
Please can you give me any information on this safety lamp.
The base & top have the number 20728 stamped on them, the top has the letter G after the number.
The glass is embossed with the following : - 581/4, MP in a circle, 591/2, P.L.C.I. British.
Next to the flint wheel is stamped Pat No 3448.
The opposite end from where the flint striker enters is stamped Patent.
The top has a small slide on the side with the letters O & S at either end.
Regards John Douglas

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