Tuesday, April 29, 2008

JCM 1 Lamp

hi tom,
i notice its got an 85 stamped near the base of the glass, would 1985 be about right.
johnson,clapham and morris were wire makers from greymare lane in east manchester. so they made gauze for miners lamps and like many companies from the early 1900's made lamps.
they would have supplied us with lamp gauze. when they decided to sell the lamp business we bought it in the mid 1950's.
y that time they were only making the JCM 1 which was used by the GPO( british telecom), sewer and tunelling contractors. it was used like our 1A lamp under TM1 Schedule B for testing for bad air; ie oxygen deficiency.
they are still used by some contractors now and in the royal naval dockyards. you hang the lamp down into a chamber and if it goes out you have to ventilate before any one can work there.
regards david mather

Tom Heeran wrote:

Could you please supply any history on the lamp attached.

I only know my Dad was a foreman building the sewer around the country for Kennedy's. I have had the lamp refurbished at your workshop a few years ago when i used to look after your telephone system, I regret that I didn't note down the history of the lamp at that time, I only recall that you stated he lamp was in original order.

Tom Heeran

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