Thursday, September 20, 2007


hi trevor,
from what you say you have an SL (side lit) lamp with a type 6 top.
the sl or workmans lamp was lit in the lamp room by a current of approx 4 volts. if you strip it down you will see a series of insulating washers.
the current was applied to the side of the vessel and the glass plate. it fed to the platinum wire which glowed red sufficient to light the fuel in the wick.
you couls chop the top off the locking standard wire, enabling you to unscrew the bonnet and light with a naked flame.
59 is for 1959.
regards david

Trevor Funnell wrote: Hi, I've just acquired a Type 6 lamp which I can't work out how to light. The serial plate on the bonnet only mentions that it's a type 6 and there are no other visible markings that resemble serial The Brass fuel tank has been stamped 33/4813 but this appears to have been done after manufacture, next to the wick are what appear to be two screws holding a wire heating element (1cm or so of fuse type wire)The glass bears a Crown type logo with "MFP" in the centre above which is an oval with "M (something)" flanked by "5H 1/4" to the left and "59" I had hoped to use the lamp occasionally as well as keeping it for its ornamental value, I noticed on your web site the odd mention of HT being used to light certain versions of lamp, is mine one of these? and if so am I likely to be able to light it (I would consider minor modifications if it didn't ruin the over all appearance of the lamp.