Monday, April 28, 2008

Half Size- Minature Presentation Lamp

hi chris,
its a half size non working presentation lamp made from the 1960's to the late 1990's.
regards david
I wonder if you could help me please? I'm trying to find some more information on an old lamp I have marked 'Protector Lamp & Lighting Co Ltd Made in England Eccles'. This is also engraved on the bottom of the lamp. The lamp is 12cm tall by 4 and a half cm wide.The top half of the lamp unscrews and there is some kind of wick inside. The lamp has a hanging hook on the top. However, there is no model number or date on the lamp? The only history I have is that it is believed to have been made by a member of the firm as a gift for one of my relatives now deceased. All the other lamps I've seen on the web seem to have a model number on them so I'm struggling!

Sorry to be so vague with the information but I know nothing about these lamps other than what I have found out through your great website! Any information you may have would be very much appreciated.

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