Friday, May 01, 2009

Half Size or Minature Mners Lamp

Its a half size also known as a minature non working lamp we used to make for presentations.
Regards David

katie elliott wrote: hi there i was hoping you could help me i have a protector lamp it was my grandads and i was hoping you could tell me a little bit more about it please? i know nothing except i think they were miners lamps. dont know value or much else really hope you can help
many thanks

GR6S, GR6, TYPE 6 and Torch Relay Lamp

Hi Robert,
the GR6S is a development of the GR6 and Type 6, it has a stainless steel outer wick tube.
the GR6S is the current gas testing lamp for uk coal mines, the lamp is a flame trap ie you cannot put a flame in ( other than via the internal relighter) or take one out.
the lamps with a bung in the glass are a modified GR6S used for the Olympic and other Torch Relays. This enables the continuity of the flame to be maintained but allowing it to be carried safely on board aircraft.
regards david

robert smith wrote:
hello there,just been admiring your protector lamps on your web site,can you tell me what the differences are between the gr6s and the gr6,i can see from the pictures the gr6s has the flint striker,am i right in thinking the gr6 is lit via the hole in the glass then sealed with plug.many thanks mr paul smith

Asbestos Washers in Miners Lamps

Hi Jon,
with great care!
pre mid 1970's lamps had white asbestos. You certainly should use a mask, and better still dismantle and remove them in a clear plastic bag you can seal and dispose of later.
From the 70's we used asbestos compound which is relatively safe as it does not break up and crumble.
These are a browny orange colour and are unmistakable from the earlier ones.
From around 2001 we used kevlar based washers.
Any more questions let me know.
Regards David
John Howell wrote:

How do replace the seals at top and bottom of glass chimney?