Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Type 6 M & Q Safety Lamps


I live in Nashville, TN. We found one of your lamps in my Dad's attic as we were cleaning it out. It looks like it is all brass. On the stamped brass it says Type 6 M & Q Safety Lamps Approved 8/28
I tried to put some lamp oil into it but it does not seem to go in it. Can you tell us something about it and how we can make it work. Thanks so much.

Paul Martin

the Type 6 or deputies relighter lamp became the main lamp for gas detection from nationalisation of UK mines in 1947.
the GR6S in use today in coal mines and as modified for the olympic torch relays is a development of this.the type 6 was gradually replaced by the gr6s from the early 1970's.
fuel is relighter spirit or colzalene, which has a very low flashpoint so it will light with the spark ignition. it is very similair to lighter fluid and petrol.
lamp oil is kerosene/paraffin based and will only light with a naked flame.
to get it to light soak the vesssel in petrol, make sure the wick is soft and that the striker is producing a spark from the flint.
replacement parts come in our service kit whcih you can buy in our online shop.

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