Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Protector type 1A

hi rob, simply unscrew the base anti clockwise.
you can then unscrew and remove the wick holder and fill up with paraffin or lamp oil. light with a naked flame and then put it back together
regards david mather

Rob White wrote:

I have just purchased a miners lamp and would like to know how to safely dismantle it. I presume there must be some way to dismantle either to clean or fill up. Do you have any advice or diagrams to show how to do so safely?
Rob White


Anonymous said...

I too have acquired a protector lamp. (All Brass) It seems slightly different to the one in the servicing video's.
The videos showed me how to dismantle and reassemble, except for the flint striker assembly. And what is the Steel "Ring Pull" for.?? Is it something to do with the Striker? How do I operate the striker without dismantling?
I also see mention of a KEY in the maintenance Kit. Maybe that is what this "Ring Pull" is.??
Maybe the "Ring Pull" is the Key that operates the striker? But HOW?

Thanks for any Help

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