Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mine lamp exhibtion in spain information needed

I am a Senior Engineer with wide experience in the Design & Construction of Head Frames and Winding Gear Systems in coal mines.

In the present I am writing a book about the Coal Mines in Asturias (North Spain), including these matters and history of mine lamps:

• Head Frames & Winding Gear systems, with data and characteristics.

• Mine Lamps:
Oil wick: Spout – Frosch – Sicilians - Saint Etienne-etc.
Candle sticks

About the Mine Lamps, jointly with some Spanish collector, we are preparing a “Mine Lamp Exhibition” for the next summer. For the Mine Lamp, I would appreciate that you send me, information as far as possible, to be included in the Book and exhibited in wall panels, if available, in digital format. For instance:
Factory History

Thanks a lot for your attention

Jesús Llaneza Díaz

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