Monday, December 04, 2006


hi graham,
we do not have lists. what i can tell you is that from nationalisation in 1947 the ministry of power adopted our type 6 lamp as the standard for gas testing.
to avoid a monopoly situation they brought thomas & williams and wolf into the supply chain who between them had about 10% of the market.
in the main i would have expected most of the pits you mention to be supplied by thomas & williams.
however the eccles lamp was quite well known in south wales.
hope this helps.

Hi. I wonder if you could send me a list of all the pits in South East Wales, if any, that were supplied with your lamps. I'm doing some local research of several local coal mines, and I would welcome any information you could let me have. especially Oakdale, Markham, Wyllie, North Celenyn, South Celenyn, Llanbradach. Looking forward to your reply. Many thanks for your valued time..........Regards, Graham.

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