Thursday, December 07, 2006


hi terry,
we made the 1a for the gpo then bt.
it was approved to tm1 ie testing memorandum 1 for oxygen deficiency.
it will also detect firedamp. it burns paraffin.
the engineers light them above ground then hang it down the manhole and if it goes out they need to ventilate.
many telecoms contractors use them now.
we also supply them to the naval dockyards for checking ships holds and on subs.
we are currently trialing a new cap lamp at mines rescue mansfield with mick noble.
regards david mather

T Edney wrote:
Dear Sir
I wonder if you could help me. I have just aquired a safety lamp
that bears your manufacturers plate with the No 1A stamped on it.
There is a logo stamped on the riveted seam of the chrome bonnet
which resembles the old Telecom logo, this being the letter ''T'' in a
circle and the right hand bar of the ''T'' made with two small circles.
The bonnet cannot be locked as there is no sliding bar built into the frame
and there is no provision to lock the base.
The wick is the flat type and is adjusted by a handwheel under the base.
If a few photographs would help please let me know
Hoping you can help.
Yours Sincerely

Terry Edney

Ex Mines Rescue Brigadesman
Houghton Le Spring Rescue Station
Tyne & Wear