Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympic Torch Relay

The security lamp mentioned in the article is in fact a modified miners
lamp made by Protector Lamp in Eccles, Manchester.
The unmodified lamp is still used in Coal Mines in the UK and Poland for
gas testing.It is used to carry the flame from Olympus and onto planes
used for transporting the flame.It is the only safe method of carrying a
naked flame on a plane.
Protector Lamps carried the flame for Sydney,Athens and Torino and for
the Special Olympics in Shanghai last year.They have also carried the
flame for the Pan American Games and the Asian Games.
It has always been a great way of bringing people together and informing
them of the games. I was saddened to see the debacle it became this
year with chinese paramilitaries barging people out of the way.
Let us hope that such a great event is not spoiled for the future.

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