Tuesday, September 19, 2006


dear pete,
the round wick is approx 1" long and is pushed in to butt up with the long wick from the base which should be left alone.
if you use a small corkscrew or similar you shouild be able to get enough grip to pull it out. if you soak the wick in wd40 it should soften up.
most people use the rare earth magnets from computers you will need about 3 or 4 together.
good luck.
ps if you are still struggling ring us on 0161 789 3013 and speak to andy.

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From: peter cosgrove
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To: david mather
Subject: Re: GR6 Wick and pin problems

Hi again David!
Sorry i didnt make it clear on my last email...No!,the lamp came from an
elderly ex miner in surrey who obtained it in the 1960's from Bevercotes
Colliery in Notts.
He is around 80 now and has had the lamp as an ornement from 1972!..unused!
I think the wick has welded itself in?!!(lol)


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To: peter cosgrove
Subject: Re: GR6 Wick and pin problems
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 11:32:30 +0100

peter cosgrove wrote:

Hi David..
Ive just purchased a GR6 deputies lamp and im having a couple of
problems..Firstly with the wick?
It appears to be stuck solid inside the wick tube?!!..it wont move no
matter what I do to it!..Any ideas?
Also..the magnet you have mentioned to pull back the pin must be very
strong?..ive tried a few different kinds now and non of them will budge
it?The lock was already open on the lamp when i bought it,so i have wd40'd
the pin and it moves freely now against the spring when pushed down with a
knife blade.But no magnet has yet made any impression on it?
Any help would be very welcome
Cheers.. Pete

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